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CNA Certification allows nurse aides to legally practice as a certified nursing assistant or CNA in nursing homes and long term assistant living centers. The license requirements in each state vary. Generally the CNA certification is valid for two years. If you have a high school diploma or GED and no criminal record, you can take CNA classes from approved CNA training center to take state CNA certification exam for the license. Certified Nursing Assistant training programs are affordable. The programs are usually 4-12 weeks long and cover theoretical and clinical training.

What are the advantages of having a CNA Certification?

There are several advantages of having a CNA certification. The certification allows nurse aides to work and practice CNA legally in the State. Also, some states such as Texas require all nursing assistants to have a CNA license in order to work in nursing homes and senior care centers. CNAs are paid higher than the nursing assistants without a license. Employers prefer certified nursing assistants when they look to hire for nursing assistants. It only takes 4-6 months to obtain CNA certification. The minimum requirements are to complete nursing assistant program, complete background check and have a high school diploma or GED.

CNA Certification - How to become a CNA?

Obtaining a CNA certification is relatively quick. If you are looking to become a certified nursing assistant, you need to pass state nurse aide competency exam to get the license. Here are the steps to get a CNA license:

  • Be at least 16 years or older (varies by State)
  • Have a High-School Diploma or GED (Varies by State)
  • Complete approved CNA training course from CNA Schools, Nursing Homes or Community Colleges
  • Complete background check
  • Complete physical health check
  • Pass State CNA Certification Exam for the license(varies by State)

How long is a CNA Certification valid?

CNA certifications are valid for two years. Nurse Aide Registry maintains the certification status. Nursing Aide Registry updates CNA certification as inactive if nurse aide fails to renew it on time. An inactive license expires after one year.

How to Renew CNA Certification

State Nurse Aide Registry maintains the status of a CNA Certification. Nurse aides looking to renew their license need to contact the aide registry for renewal. Requirements to renew the license vary by state. Most states require proof that CNAs have worked minimum 8 hours or more as a paid CNA within two years. They also check violations and citations before renewing the license. Some States also require to complete training by certified nursing assistants before renewing the CNA Certification license. Texas CNA Certification license does not expire, but, CNAs must contact the Nurse Aide Registry and verify their employment at least every two years to remain in active status.

Education Requirements to update an "Expired" CNA license to an "Active" one

If you fail to renew the CNA certificate license on time, the Nurse Aide registry will list your CNA license as an "Expired" one. To renew the expired license it requires to re-take CNA training from state approved CNA schools or training institutions.