CNA Classes in North Carolina to get CNA Certification NC

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CNA Classes in North Carolina prepare you for state CNA Certification License exam. Getting licensed as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in the state of North Carolina (NC) does have many benefits. Not only NC features a great career prospects for the CNAs and other nurses alike but it also has the reputation of paying CNAs a salary figure of about $30,000, which is quite better than that of most other states for an entry level position. So, if you are looking to start your nursing career in North Carolina State, then seek for the CNA certification NC, upon the completion of the CNA training requirements.

Registration Process for Earning the CNA Certification NC!

Contact the NCDHS to register for the CNA licensing exam

In case, the CNA program, from which you got your required training, does not schedule the date and place for your CNA certification exam, then you can submit application to NCDHS to schedule the CNA exam.

NCDHS, which stands for North Carolina Division for Health Services, is the entity responsible for regulating the nurse assistants or aides in the state of NC.

Pay for the exam application form

On contact with the NCDHS, you will be asked to fill up the exam application form and submit the exam fee (about $96) via money order the personal check. Online registration is also available. There is additional fee to process your application.

Wait for the NCDHS to get your CNA licensing exam scheduled

After the submission of the application form for your certification test, It takes few days for NCHDS to schedule the date and place for your CNA certification NC.

As a standard process, the CNA candidates, who have submitted the application form, will receive a mail within 10 days. The package contains all necessary paperwork also known as "Authorization to Test" required to take the CNA certification exam. Lateness is not tolerated and might lead to disqualification from the certification exam. It is recommended for you to reach the place of your test center at least 30 minutes earlier. Exam center requires you to show your "Authorization to Test form along with 2 identification forms.

In the exam for CNA license, you are allowed to take with you about 3 pencils, 1 eraser and a watch (having second hands). These are the essential things that would be needed for your CNA certification exam.

Taking the CNA Certification NC Test

You will be given a 2 hours time limit for completing the written test, which is designed to evaluate your theoretical knowledge of nursing. Once you complete the written test, you will be tested on your clinical nursing skills and will receive grades according to your performance.

Find out whether you have passed or failed in the CNA certification test before leaving the CNA test centre

When the CNA candidates have completed their certification exam, the designated evaluator will fax the candidates’ answer sheets of the written test as well as the evaluation results of their clinical skill test to the NCDHS. NCDHS will send back the official reports, stating whether the candidate has passed or failed in the CNA Certification exam.

Verify that you have earned the CNA Certification NC

Passing the CNA certification test, i.e. both the written and clinical portions, will mean that your name would also appear in the Nurse Aide registry of North Carolina. So, check out whether the state of North Carolina has officially recognized you as a Certified Nursing Assistant by verifying that your name has been listed in the Nurse Aide registry.

General Requirements to Seek the CNA Certification NC!

To gain eligibility for sitting in the CNA certification test, the state law of North Carolina requires that the CNA candidates should complete about 175 credit hours of CNA training from any state-approved CNA schools or NC online programs.

Also note that about 100 credit hours should mark the CNA candidate’s clinical skill training and the remaining 75 credit hours should represent the completion of the CNA classes or theoretical training.

Your graduation from the program rewards with CNA classes completion certificate that fulfills state requirement to take CNA certification exam for North Carolina CNA license.