CNA Schools: Tips To Find the Best CNA Certification Program

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Entering the nursing field as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is excellent career choice because it only takes 4-6 months to complete nursing aide training, and the training program is affordable. It is also a good choice for those people who possess a compassionate and caring nature. So, if you are looking into starting your career as a CNA, than completing CNA training from state approved CNA schools is the first step to get your nursing aide license.

Enrolling in an accredited CNA program is essential if you want to boost up your nursing career. Completing an accredited program will make you eligible to sit for the state certification exam. And, once you pass the state certification exam, your name will appear in the Nurse Aide Registry, which gives the official acknowledgement of you being a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).

3 Best Ways to Find the Best CNA Schools in Your Area!

If you are looking for best CNA schools in your area, the first step is to consult with the State Nursing Board in your State. The responsible authority for regulating the CNA licensure exam would advice you list of approved CNA Schools in your area. You can also inquire the CNA license requirement while inquiring about nursing assistant schools. You can also request CNA enrollment information if there are any accredited CNA training programs available in your region.

Consult with the Local Hospitals and the Nursing Homes

Local hospitals and nursing homes also offer CNA programs that meet the state requirements. This is another best source to get the training as you can apply for a CNA job once you get the nurse aide license.

Facts About Hospital CNA Training Programs

The hospital based CNA training programs are not only of high standard but they are also less costly than the CNA schools. Indeed, some hospital CNA programs do also have the policy to provide free CNA training programs provided if those CNA aspirants work in those hospitals for a certain period of time.

The hospital CNA programs are heralded to be the best CNA training programs since the CNA-wannabes will have the chance to train under the supervision of professional nurses and other medical practitioners. The CNA-wannabes would also be able to familiarize themselves with the real life hospital settings and learn what the profession of a CNA really is.

Look whether there is a Red Cross CNA program in your area

American Red Cross also has the provision of running high quality CNA training program through some of its Chapters, scattered in various parts of the US.

The Red Cross CNA education programs are designed to meet all the requirements of their specific states as well as the federal laws regarding CNA certification. So, enrolling in the Red Cross CNA certification classes is excellent way to gain skills in the nursing field.

Features of Good CNA Schools: How to Find Out Whether a CNA School Is Good for Your Enrollment?

See if the particular CNA school has got accreditation or not

If you decide to start your nursing assistant training in one of the CNA schools, always check them that their program is approved by the state. You must complete CNA training from state approved CNA schools or training institutions to take CNA competency exam for the license.

Always enroll in the CNA schools, which provide complete credit hours of CNA training

It is greatly recommended for you to choose a CNA school that provides complete credit hours of CNA training, upon the completion of which you will be able to gain eligibility for sitting in the CNA licensing test issued by the particular state. Since the required number of credit hours for CNA training generally varies from one state to another, please consult your state nursing board before enrolling in a CNA school, be it online or in-college based.

For instance, a CNA candidate has to finish a CNA program of about 160 credit hours to seek the CNA Certification California and, in case of, CNA certification Texas, a CNA training program of just about 75 credit hours is required to be completed by the aspiring CNA candidates. Likewise, in Chicago (Illinois) and in Arizona, CNA candidates are expected to complete CNA program of at least 120 credit hours so as to be qualified for challenging the state CNA licensure examination.


I Made a Great Decision by Choosing a Career as a CNA.

I feel much better at this stage of my career and feel proud on the decision that shaped my career. After getting my high school diploma, I wanted to enter in the nursing field, for which I had always dreamt about. Needless to say, I was driven by my passion to help those who can't help themselves as I feel life giving life to others. It's not easy to get a career according to our passion, which is secure at the same time. Yes, following my passion is one thing but at the same time, I wanted a secure career as well. For all these reasons, I decided to choose career as Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA.

It was not easy for me to decide upon the career as a nursing assistant. I wanted a career yielding good money as well as rooms for self advancement. To my sorrow, I only landed with so called high profile careers as LPNs or RNs. My internet surfing and going through different articles gave conclusion that I need to invest lot of time and money to work in the nursing field. Then suddenly, I got an opportunity to meet a registered nurse who suggested me to start career as certified nursing assistant as she did at the beginning of her career.

To discover more, I went through other online resources and found that there are lots of opportunities to advance within the nursing field. The astonishing fact was that working CNAs are eligible for many funding opportunities, grants and scholarships to advance their career. In addition to that, online classes with flexible class schedules are also available that help to continue work and study at the same time, without affecting the normal livelihood.

Everyone is concerned with the pay scale to be received at the beginning of any career, so I was. I discovered that starter nursing assistants are earning as much as 30,000 USD to 40,000 per year. That was quite great as a starter. Of course, the experience will help to earn more.

After discovering every bit of information about the career, I signed up with state accredited CNA programs, which took me around 75 to 80 learning hours to complete both theoretical and hands-on practical sessions. After completing my course of study, I prepared well to sit for the state regulated certification exams. After passing the exams, I obtained a working license. I was lucky enough to score around 75% in the exams, as per my preparations, which helped me to get job as soon as I had a working license.

Now I am enjoying a stable career as CNA helping people in need, as I always dreamt to have one. Also, I am doing an online course to become a LPN to further advance my career. I am glad that I made a good decision and now I am satisfied with my lifestyle.

Other appealing features found in the good CNA schools

Provision of flexible schedule and job-placement guarantee are also regarded as the appealing features of the good CNA schools. And, even if there’s no job-placement guarantee, it is considered best to enroll in a CNA school, which provides a CNA training program that meets the requirements for entering in the state licensing exam.

CNA Schooling Period: How long does it takes to complete a CNA program?

One good thing about the CNA programs is their short schooling period, which is just about 12 to 18 weeks in general. There are some CNA programs take about 4 to 5 months for completion. The schooling period of the CNA programs largely depend upon the program schedule the CNA student chooses.

If you have decided to choose a part-time schedule, then it will take 4 or 5 months for completion whereas a full-time CNA program schedule means a short schooling period.

Mostly the online CNA certification schools will have feature of flexible schedule, which means that the CNA-wannabes will have the alternative to study either part-time or full-time. CNA Online School is excellent choice for busy individuals who are seeking to complete CNA training requirement.

Accredited Schools that offer CNA Training Program

Here are some of the well known CNA programs offered at Community Colleges.

City College of San Francisco

City College of San Francisco (CCSF) CNA Program is one of the best nurse aide training programs in San Francisco Bay Area.

You can start your nursing career as an entry-level CNA. But, if you wish to further your career in healthcare, consider a bachelor degree in health administration to improve your salary and lifestyle.

Appealing Features of the City College of San Francisco’s CNA Certificate Program

CCSF CNA training program runs for 18 weeks. The nursing program at CCSF has gotten the accreditation from the California State Department of Health Services. After successful completion of this program, the graduates can take State CNA competency exam for nursing aide certification license. Graduates in this program are also entitled for the Certification of Home Health Aide. Certified Nursing Assistants can find jobs at hospitals, acute care facilities, nursing homes and clinics.

Contact Information

Accredited CNA Schools: City College of San Francisco
Address: 50 Phelan Ave., San Francisco, CA 94112
Phone No.: 415-239-3000
Online Address:

American River College

Another reputed educational institution for offering accredited CNA training program is the American River College (ARC), which is also located in the state of California.

Appealing Features of the American River College’s CNA Certificate Program:

American River College's CNA program is state accredited. Graduates in this program can take the state certification exam for CNA license.

The 135 nursing program at ARC covers theoretical and clinical internship. Students must complete both programs to be eligible for the state competency exam. The program covers these areas such as rehabilitative nursing, patient rights, body mechanics, emergency procedures and checking vital signs.

Contact Information

Accredited CNA Schools: American River College

Address: 4700 College Oak Dr., Sacramento, CA 95841
Phone No.: 916-484-8011
Online Address:

Salt Lake Community College

Salt Lake Community College in Utah is another reputed educational institution that offers state approved CNA program in Salt Lake City, Utah.

About the Salt Lake College’s CNA certificate Program:

This accredited allied healthcare program will take the students through a nursing curriculum, which encompasses the essential subject matters such as anatomy, medical terminologies, physiology, human relations, body mechanics and bacteriology.

The successful completion of this CNA certificate program will make the graduates skilled enough to get along with the entry-level works of the nursing facilities such as in hospitals or health homes.

The provision of co-operative externship is another good thing to note about this CNA program. This provision tells that the students have to use their newly-gained nursing skills in the local hospitals and thus get some hands-on practice by being around professional nurses.

Contact Information

Accredited CNA Schools: Salt Lake Community College
Address: 4600 South Redwood Rd., Salt Lake City, UT 84123
Phone No.: 801- 957-7522
Online Address:

General Enrollment Criteria for the CNA Certificate Programs

  • The CNA certification programs have the tendency to accept only those applicants who are over 18 years old.
  • Applicants are expected to be physically & mentally healthy.
  • The applicants will also be asked to show the proofs of immunizations.
  • Likewise, the CNA programs will also for a criminal background check of the applicants, in which they should pass so as to get enrollment.
  • Most programs will also expect the applicants to sit for a placement test as well as take participation in the orientation.
  • An English language test might also have to be passed for enrollment in some CNA programs.