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Online CNA courses are best fit for individuals who cannot afford enough time for attending the CNA training classes in person. Most states require to complete state approved CNA classes and training program before taking CNA certification exam. With so many certified nursing assistant schools to choose from for online CNA courses, it is always best to verify that the particular online program is accredited in your State. If in doubt, call or write to your State Nursing Board and verify the online CNA program before taking the course.

An accredited online CNA certification program has the benefit of not only fulfilling state-demanded CNA training but the credit hours earned in such online courses are also recognized by other nursing schools. Most accredited Online CNA courses are transferable. CNAs looking to advance nursing education like LPN & RN degree program can transfer completed nursing coursework, thus saving both time and money. The online CNA programs as well as most other nursing and medical schools, colleges and universities generally have the accreditation from the NLNAC, which stands for National League for Nursing Accredited Commission.

But, in case, you could not find such a NLNAC accredited online CNA program, then you may contact your State’s Nursing Board and find out the names of the reputed nursing schools that offer online CNA courses. State Nursing Board only recommends Online CNA courses that meed the CNA education requirement which varies from one state to another. For instance, in Texas (as well as per federal requirements), CNA candidates are expected to complete at least 75 credit hours of CNA training whereas the State of California demands a mandatory completion of 160 credit hours of CNA training.

A Brief Introduction to the Top 5 Reputed Online Schools for Nursing Assistants

Picking a reputed online schools for Nursing Assistants is not an easy task. There are thousands of colleges and universities that provide online and offline Nursing Assistants courses. Online courses are more flexible, and some institutions allow to expedite the program.

1. Hutchinson Community College

Among the list of top online CNA programs, CNA online program at Hutchinson Community College, in Hutchinson, Kansas excels being a reputed education provider.

Hutchinson Community College Online CNA Courses Overview

The Online CNA course at Hutchinson Community College (HCC) provides necessary theoretical portion of the CNA coursework through online program. HCC makes local arrangement to take skills training necessary to complete the program. Students who complete the theory portion of the Online CNA course can take clinical portion of the course at a nearby hospital or nursing home.

The online CNA course at Hutchinson Community College takes about 2 weeks to complete. New classes begin in every 2 weeks. The program requires to pass a reading test before starting the course.

Contact Details

Address: 1300 North Plum Road, Hutchinson, KS 67501
Online Address:
Phone No.: 620-665-3500

Tulsa Community College

Tulsa Community College (TCC) Online CNA program offers theoretical portion of CNA training requirement. Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, TCC distance learning provides opportunity to acquire skill without attending the local school.

Tulsa Community College Online CNA Courses Overview

Prospective CNAs who complete TCC online CNA course fulfill theoretical portion of CNA course requirement. TCC Online CNA course also provides videos that cover proper administration of clinical skills. Students gain enough knowledge to practice the in-person hands-on training in a clinical setting to complete the clinical portion of the course.

The Tulsa Community College Online CNA Course requires at least 3.0 GPA and 12 credits of college education. This program also requires the CNA applicants to show prior experience in online learning. This additional requirement is in place to verify that students can succeed in the online CNA courses, issued by Tulsa Community College.

Contact Details

Address: 6111 East Skelly Drive, Tulsa, OK 74135
Online Address:
Phone No.: 918-595-7000

Miles Community College

The Miles Community College, located in Miles City of Montana State, is another reputed CNA school that also has the facility of providing the CNA wannabes a blended online CNA certification program, encompassing the in-person clinical skills training classes at some nursing settings.

Miles Community College Online CNA Courses Overview

As a part of the 4 credit long online CNA certification program, students get to attend the 3 credits long theoretical courses through the aid of the lecture videos and such other web modules. Once the students complete the theoretical portion of the course, they qualify to take the remaining 1 credit long in-person training class.

The online CNA certification program issued by the Miles Community College starts and gets ended on a semester basis.

Contact Details

Address: 2715 Dickinson St., Miles City, MT 59301
Online Address:
Phone No.: 800-541-9281

Ivy Tech Community College

Residing in Bloomington region of Indiana State, the Ivy Tech Community College also practices the provision of offering online classes for CNA training.

Ivy Tech Community College Online CNA Courses Overview

Through this online CNA program, you would be able to complete the theoretical portion of the essential nursing courses and then attend the in-person clinical skill training classes.

Before attending the in-person clinical classes, the Ivy Tech College expects you to complete their 20 hours long online CNA courses modules, which encompasses videos and lectures as well as the web content on CNA nursing coursework.

Contact Details

Address: 200 Daniels Way, Bloomington, IN 47404
Online Address:
Phone No.: 812-330-6350

St. Augustine Nursing Assistant School

Aside from the above community colleges, one of the reputed CNA training schools, regarding the online CNA certification program, is the St. Augustine Nursing Assistant School in Atlanta, Georgia.

St. Augustine Nursing Assistant School Online CNA Courses Overview

St. Augustine Online CNA program is a self-paced CNA training program which is available all 24 hours a day over the Internet.

The St. Augustine has the wonderful provision of running virtual clinical labs.  The virtual lab provides the essential CNA skills such as checking the blood pressure, respiration rate and such other vital stats of the patient.

Contact Details

Address: 2870 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, GA 30305
Online Address:
Phone No.: 888-817-4595