CNA Certification Test Preparation Techniques to Get CNA License

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Graduating from an accredited CNA program honors nursing assistant students with Certification of Program Completion in Nursing Assistant. However, the program completion does not mean that the graduates can start working as a Certified Clinical Nursing Assistant (CCNA) or, rather say, a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). To start a nursing assistant career, successful CNA program graduates also need to pass the State CNA certification test. The CNA programs and training requirements vary by States. If you have not completed the State nursing assistant requirement, complete the CNA training from one of the State approved CNA Certification schools and training center in your area in order to take the CNA certification test.

The state CNA certification exam, which is formally known as National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP), is designed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. CNA certification test evaluates knowledge and nursing skills in nursing assistant field. The goal of the certification is to determine whether the prospective nursing assistant candidates demonstrate enough competency to work as a nursing assistant.

After graduation from any nursing assistant schools or online CNA training programs, prospective nursing assistants require to take the nurse aide competency exam to become a licensed practitioner in that state. Certified Nursing Assistants can legally practice as a nursing assistant. The average salary for a CNA is generally higher than a general nursing assistant. The first step to a certified nursing assistant is to complete CNA classes and pass the competency exam for the license.

State Nursing Boards also maintain Nurse Aide Registry list. State issues CNA license to nurse aide candidates who pass CNA certification test and complete background check. CNA licenses are granted for two years. The Nurse Aide Registry officially maintains CNA list.

What does the CNA Certification Test consist of?

The State CNA licensing exam has two major sections. The first portion of the test consists of oral or written test. The second portion of the test is the hand-on or nursing skill exam. Generally the first portion of the test has a higher score requirement.

About the certified nurse aide Written test

The oral or written test is designed for evaluating the theoretical knowledge of the CNA-wannabe. The test aims to test students on basic theoretical knowledge in nursing courses. It also aims to check proficiency in customer service, cleaning, sanitation, customer service, infection control, hygiene, therapeutic procedures and nutrition. The written test has about 70 multiple-choice questions.

The written test also aims to evaluate the student's knowledge of patient rights, patient communication skills and ethical behavior. Aside from these, expect to answer questions regarding psychological nursing care skills, which lights the issue about how one would perform to help meet the mental, cultural, spiritual and emotional needs of the patient.

About the CNA Oral test

The certified nursing assistant oral test provides an opportunity for students with English as a second language to take the test in either English or  Spanish version. The goal of the oral test is the same as the written test.

About the CNA Clinical skill evaluation test

The clinical skill evaluation test is the core of CNA certification test for getting licensed. The clinical test aims to test prospective candidate's ability to handle nursing assistant jobs. The candidates require to perform 5 hands-on nursing skills out of 25 nursing skills during the test.

Common Nursing Procedures asked in the CNA Certification test

  • Taking & recording the blood pressure, ambulatory weight and urinary output of the patient
  • Assisting the patient in fundamental activities like bathing, feeding and dressing
  • Washing your hands before and after having patient contact
  • Assisting the patient with using the bedpan
  • Helping the patient to ambulate or transferring the patient from the bed to the wheelchair by the use of the transfer belt
  • Providing the patients with the catheter care
  • Providing basic hygiene care such as fingernail care or mouth care
  • Assisting the patient in performing motion exercises for shoulder, knee and ankle

Candidates who successfully complete CNA certification test and complete background check are awarded  certified nursing assistant license to practice as a Certified Nursing Assistant for two years. Their name gets listed as a certified nursing assistant in State Nursing Aide Registry. If certified nurse aides want to continue their profession as a certified nursing assistant, they must renew their license after two years.