Renewing a Certified Nursing Assistant License and Requirements

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Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Licenses and Requirements vary from states to states. Different states have different CNA certification provisions, which a CNA candidate has to fulfill to get the CNA license and work as a certified nursing assistant legally in that state.

General Requirements for Taking a CNA License Exam

In order to take a CNA certification test, most states (like in California, North Carolina, Illinois, etc.) require a CNA candidate to fulfill CNA training requirements which involve completing CNA training course from a state-approved CNA Certification School. CNA classes and credit requirement hours differ from state to state.

Most states also require that a CNA candidate is at least 18 years of age, has a high school diploma, or its equivalent (GED) and has no criminal records.

Some states, (like in Florida) allow to practice as a Certified Nursing Assistant without having to first complete a CNA training program if the candidate is currently certified in another state and is listed on that state's certified nursing assistant registry. It is mandatory that the candidate is in a good standing and has not been found to have committed abuse, neglect, or exploitation in that state.

How Long Will the CNA License Be "Active"?

In most states, the state's Nursing Aide Registry updates and maintains the Certified Nursing Assistant list. Individuals who have completed the state required CNA training course and successfully passed a CNA certification tests are listed in state's Nursing Aide Registry list as a Certified Nursing Assistant, or CNA. Being listed as a certified nursing assistant in Nursing Aide Registry allows them to work legally or practice as a CNA in that state.

State Nursing Aide Registry requires that a certified nursing assistant actively maintains the CNA registry status. The CNA license is granted for two years. It is the responsibility of a CNA to renew the CNA license on time in order to continue the CNA profession as an active license practitioner. An "Inactive" CNA license expires after three years.

What is the Requirement to Get Qualified For the Renewal of Your CNA License

The state Nursing Aide Registry maintains a CNA license as an "Active" license for two years from is original issuance date. It maintains an "Inactive" license for three years and updates its status an an expired license after three years. CNA certification renewal process differs from states to states. Following are the general requirements to renew a CNA certification license.

Work as a CNA for Certain Hours

Most states require practice of 24 hours as a CNA over the past two years in order to renew a CNA license. A CNA requires to work for a set number of hours as a paid CNA to fulfill the certified nurse aide renewal requirements.

Complete Certain Credit Hours of CNA Training Program

If the CNAs do not get themselves employed, then they are expected to complete additional CNA training courses of certain credit hours to be qualified for the renewal of their certified nursing assistant license.

Reasons for the Nurse Aide Registry to Change Your "Active" CNA License Status into an "Inactive" one

The state Nurse Aide registry regulates and maintains the status of all CNA licenses. A certificate nursing assistant can contact the Nurse Aide registry to get up to date status of his or her license status. It is always good to check CNA certification license status periodically in order to avoid undesirable consequences of it being "Inactive" or even "Expired".

The state Nurse Aide registry makes a CNA license "Inactive" when a certified nursing assistant fails to show proof of active participation in CNA paid-for jobs within the last two years of being in an "Active" license status. Most Nurse Aide registry provide a list of CNA renewal requirements on their website or provide this information over the phone and mail it upon request. It is always best practice keeping the originals of your documentation for your records before submitting them to the Nurse Aide registry.

Most employers automatically submit their CNA employee's paid work-hours to the state Nurse Aide to maintain "Active" status of their employee's license. This is a voluntary submission. It is always good to confirm the "Active" status of your CNA certification license directly with the Nursing Aide before it gets too late to renew it. Requirements to renew a CNA certification license that is in an "Inactive" state can sometimes requires further training and adds unnecessary cost.

CNA License Renewal Required Documents

A CNA pay stub or the work hours committed in those paid-for CNA jobs is sufficient to comply the Nurse Aide active CNA participation status. This document stating active participation of 24 hours within the last two years fulfills CNA certification renewal requirements. The participation must be a paid one. Voluntary CNA work hours do not count for the CNA license renewal requirements. Voluntary CNA jobs without being paid for are not sufficient to reactivate the CNA license.