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CNA Classes in Georgia provide nurse aide training program to prepare for Georgia certified nursing assistant license exam. All candidates must complete a state approved CNA program from nursing schools or other facilities and take the license exam within one year of completing the program. Once the candidates pass the competency exam that consists of Written/Oral and Skills test, they become a certified nurse aide in Georgia. At that time the candidate's name will be listed on the Georgia Nurse Aide Registry.

Georgia requires to renew CNA certification in every two years. Nurse aides must have worked as a certified nursing assistant, for pay, for a minimum of 8 hours under the supervision of nurse within the past 2 years to renew their CNA license. Those who do not meet the license renewal requirement must re-take Written/Oral and Skills test and pass the competency exam.

If you are a nursing assistant and would like to become a certified nursing assistant in Georgia, you must complete approved CNA classes in Georgia. You must complete the clinical training requirement before taking the state exam for the license.

Georgia requires perspective certified nursing assistant candidates to complete a minimum of 85 hours in length CNA program from approved CNA training center. Besides the classroom/laboratory course, students also need to have 24 hours of clinical experience in a nursing home to meet the state nurse aide license exam requirement.

Does Georgia allow to transfer CNA license from another state (reciprocity)?

Yes, if you are a certified nursing assistant as active and in good standing on another state's Nurse Aide Registry, and you want to practice in Georgia, you can apply for the nursing assistant license via the Georgia Web portal.

What do the students learn in CNA Classes in Georgia?

Georgia CNA Classes and training programs help students to develop necessary skills to become a competent nursing assistant. These skills include but not limited to a basic nursing skills, personal care skills, mental health and social service needs, care of cognitively impaired residents, residents rights.

Do Certified Nursing Assistants have to receive in-service training?

Certified Nurse Aides working in a licensed Medicaid/Medicare facility require to complete 12 hours of in-service education at the facility.

Right now, the state of Georgia plays host to about 316 accredited certified nursing assistant programs, enrollment in which would provide all the educational requirements meant for becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Certified Nursing Assistant profession is an entry level nursing position, which implies that, if you prefer, you can continue your nursing education to attain the title of other high level nursing posts such as that of a LPN or a RN.

So, don’t forget the fact that Georgia also has RN and LPN/LVN schools as well as some accelerated ADN to BSN (Associates Degree in Nursing to Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing) programs meant for those ambitious nurses who desire a fast transition from a CNA to RN.

A Brief Introduction to Some of the Reputed CNA Schools in Georgia

Here are some of the reputed Certified Nursing Assistant Schools in the State of Georgia.

Education & Career Resources of Georgia (ECRG)

Residing in Lilburn, the Education & Career Resources Georgia is listed among the reputed CNA schools in Georgia, having the provision of running a comprehensive certified nursing assistant training program.

Features of the CNA Programs run by the Education & Career Resources Georgia

The ECRG nursing assistant program is 4 weeks long. The program offers the theoretical nursing courses as well as the clinical hands-on classes.

The ECRG nursing program expects the students to complete the 140 credit hours long nursing coursework, maintaining the cumulative GPA (grade per average) of 2.0 or above. Graduates in this program would be eligible to sit for the licensing exam.

Contact Details:

Address: 4055 Lawrenceville Hwy, Lilburn GA 30047
Phone No.: 770-717-0310
Online Address:

Southeastern Technical College (STC)

Well, the name of the Southeastern Tech. College also falls under the list of the reputed CNA schools in Georgia. It resides in Vidalia of the Georgia State.

Features of the nursing assistant program run by the Southeastern Technical College

Nursing assistant students, who enroll in STC’s comprehensive nursing assistant certification program, would be taken through the nursing classes regarding the subject matters like physiology, anatomy and nutrition. What’s more, the students would also get to be trained in administering CPR i.e. cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

The theoretical portion of this CNA training program lasts for about 16 credit hours whereas the clinical hands-on skills training would be completed in about 24 credit hours.

The graduates of this program would gain the eligibility to sit for the state CNA certification test, passing which will get them honored with the Georgia CNA license.

Note: CNA-wannabes, who are interested to enroll in the Southeastern Technical College’s nursing assistant program, would have to show current immunizations, including especially the vaccinations against TB and Hepatitis B.

Contact Details:
Address: 3001 E. First Street, Vidalia, GA 30474
Phone No.: 912-538-3100
Online Address:

American Red Cross CNA Programs in Georgia

Needles to say, the American Red Cross CNA programs are heralded as the best of the best nurse aide training programs. And, candidates who have attained the Red Cross’s CNA certification classes would have naught difficulty in getting employed. In fact, the healthcare industries will consider themselves lucky if a Red-Cross-trained certified nursing assistant is working in their facilities.

On the other hand, these Red Cross CNA programs, despite being of high standard quality, are nevertheless quite affordable than most other accredited CNA programs. So, if you are interested in entering the nursing field, then getting enrolled in the nursing assistant program issued by the Red Cross Chapters is highly recommend for a successful career in the nursing field.

Red Cross Chapters that issue CNA training program in Georgia

  • Southwest Georgia, Albany, Georgia
  • Coosa Valley, Rome, Georgia
  • Northeast Georgia, Gainesville, Georgia
  • Process & Requirements for Earning the CNA License in Georgia!

In order to practice as a Certified Nursing Assistant in Georgia, you need to be listed as a certified nursing assistant in Georgia Nurse Aide Registry. You can pass the state competency exam once you complete the training requirement.

For your information, the NNAAP, which is also referred to as the Nurse Aide Competency Exam, is administered through the Pearson Vue. The fee to take the license exam at Pearson View is $107. You can check further details of the certified nurse aide certification exam in Pearson Vue’s Georgia website.

And, to gain eligibility for taking the Pearson’s CNA licensing exam, the candidates are required to first graduate from any one of the state approved CNA schools in Georgia, completing a CNA training coursework of at least 85 credit hours.